What Is Unified Analytics' Impact? Savings, Revenue Growth, and More

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Without unified marketing measurement, too many brands lack a clear picture of the return on their marketing investment. Often forced to rely on a combination of gut instinct and inadequate performance reports, marketers are left in the dark, unable to uncover which media channels, audiences, and tactics are driving the greatest value.

That's why, in today's fast-paced world where business success is defined by the decisions marketers make about where to invest their media dollars, unified analytics' impact cannot be overstated

Savings, Revenue Growth, and More

Get your copy of "The Total Economic Impact™ of Neustar Unified Analytics: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Unified Analytics," a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Neustar, for insights on how Neustar clients are leveraging unified analytics to:
  • Reach more customers without increasing marketing budgets
  • Reveal a complete, holistic marketing picture -- online and offline, with real-time user-level and market-level channel data, and including TV and walled gardens -- to make savvier investment decisions
  • Pivot from looking backwards to adopting a forward-looking planning approach
  • Increase return on advertising, boost revenue from targeting enhancements, and more

About the Forrester TEI Study on Unified Analytics:

As part of this Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, Forrester identified four key benefits that illustrate unified analytics' impact:
  • Improvements in advertising targeting, adding up to $4.2M in budget savings*
  • Advertising frequency capping enhancements, adding up to $2.3M in budget savings*
  • Greater media partner efficiencies, adding up to $7.5M in budget savings*
  • Incremental revenue gains due to higher return on advertising spend, adding up to $189M*
The financial bottom line: Forrester's study reveals that companies using Neustar Unified Analytics can enjoy the benefits of a minimum ROI of 458% or $11.51 million. Plus, organizations can see their initial payback within 6 months or less.
Note: Neustar reviewed and provided feedback to Forrester based on this study, but Forrester maintains all editorial control over this study and its findings.

*Net Present Value of projected savings or gains expected over three years.