Is TV Advertising Still Effective?

Despite Trend toward Digital, Analysis Shows TV Remains Leader of the Pack

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In 2015, Turner approached the Neustar MarketShare team and asked us to see how TV performed against digital advertising channels. The analysis showed that, despite the push toward online and social platforms, TV was the most effective in reach and ROI across multiple industries. Fast forward to 2017, and Turner asked for new analysis to see if anything had changed. Once again, the results show TV remains is the most effective brand investment.


“This research reaffirms that television continues to be the biggest driver of marketing success today, yet there remains a lot of room to grow even further as the industry and consumer habits shift.”

Beth Rockwood
VP, Portfolio Research and Chief of Staff at Turner

The 4 Key Findings:

  • For a $1 million investment, TV’s lift is consistently 7x better than paid search and 5x better than online display advertising
  • Marketers can use advanced analytics to optimize TV spend by making sure they don’t limit their data insights only to digital marketing
  • Online video ads attached to premium streaming content are more effective than user-generated and social platforms
  • TV has a significant cross-product halo effect outside of the product featured in the ad

“This groundbreaking study found that despite significant and ongoing changes in consumer behavior, TV remains the best vehicle for delivering a brand’s message to a larger audience.”

Eric Blankfein
EVP, Chief of WHERE, Horizon Media

To read all the insights from our analysis, download the full paper today!