Learn Why Your OTT Content Distribution Strategies Can Make or Break Your Business

Learn How Neustar IP GeoPoint and Neustar IP Reputation Help You Enforce Digital Rights Geocompliance

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Content is king - there's no way around it. But in the modern, connected world where a post, video, movie or other digital asset can instantly go viral and get shared around the globe, how can you set effective perimeters to guard your content rights?

People are streaming OTT content at record levels every day. But there are strict guidelines and requirements in place that govern where, how and by whom specific kinds of digital media can be consumed. So whether it's copyrighted movies or music, or a live sports broadcast subject to regional blackout restrictions, you need to make sure that the right content is being consumed by the right customers from the correct geolocations. All that can be done easier by using Neustar IP Intelligence solutions.

To help you get started building a better OTT content strategy, we've compiled 9 best practices. In this downloadable whitepaper, we share important tips to help you solve geolocation issues, including:

  • Knowing how to manage your content and what rights you own
  • How to identify quality data to keep your content in compliance
  • Recognizing the data that really matters
  • Knowing how often to check your data
  • Just like in real estate, it's all about location, location, location